Photo Gallery

Ready to tour the Kentucky Horse Park

NSCAC Members and friends tour the first State Capitol of Missouri in St. Charles.


Horse Back Ride

Discussion on the 1791 Borromeo Log Church in historic St. Charles

Making gifts for the veterans

2016-2017 National President Zoanne Lerner, left, with 2015-2017 President General Dr. Kim Nagy.



NSDAC National President Phyllis Best Jones, left, with 2016-2017 NSCAC National President Zoanne Lerner.



NSCAC 2017-2018 New Officers


Outgoing National President Zoanne Lerner, right, passes the gavel to 2017-2018 National President Callah McLeod


2015-2017 President General Dr. Kim Nagy, left, with 2017-2019 President General Marjorie Shelton.


NSCAC members with the marker at the Jack Joutt House

Adult Advisors for 2017-2019 are installed.