“A Brief History of NSCAC”

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The National Society Children of the American Colonists was founded on 17 June 1939, at Salt Lake City, Utah, with Miss Edith Louise Wire as Organizing President. This was during the administration of Mrs. William Franklin Stone as National President of the National Society Daughters of the American Colonists. The Children of the American Colonists is a kindred organization to the Daughters of the American Colonists and the Sons of the American Colonists, and their members may transfer to these organizations before their twenty-second birthday.

 The National Organization consists of the Adult Advisory Council and the members. The Adult Advisory Council is elected for a period of two years. Members hold office for one year. The Adult Advisory Council Officers and the corresponding member Officers work together to promote the work of their respective offices. The National Society holds its General Assembly annually in June to receive reports. conduct business, and hold elections.

 State Societies provide the link between National and the members throughout the country. State Assemblies are held once a year.

 Members of the NSCAC receive training in parliamentary law, conduct business meetings, promote patriotism in the community, participate in patriotic functions, and encourage the flying of the Flag of the United States of America on all special holidays. They learn the meaning of the Constitution of the United States of America and become familiar with the great men who created this country. Programs are presented at meetings, and activities include tours, social events, sports, and joint projects with DAC and SAC.