Membership Eligibility

Membership is open for any child, male or female, of good moral character under the age of 22.  An applicant must furnish proof of his/her lineal descendant through legal and lawful marriages, not plolygamous, for an ancestor who rendered at least one of the 26 categories of civil or military service (shown below) to any of the colonies prior to July 4, 1776.

For more information, please contact our Registrar General, Teri McLeod

The 26 Categories of Acceptable Service:

The 26 categories of acceptable service are:
1.In battle under colonial authority
2.Under the banner of Great Britain in North America in any of the wars in which the colonies participated
3.All military and naval service of the colonies (Proof must establish that such service was rendered prior to July 4, 1776.)
4.Furnished troops or funds (Proof of payment of tax assessments is not acceptable service.)
5.Filled office of Governor, Lieutenant Governor or Deputy Governor
6.Member or Delegate to Council or Assembly
7.Member of House of Burgesses
8.Deputy or Representative to the General Court
9.Commissioner of the United Colonies, of Boundaries or Treaties, of Import or Excise, to the French or Indians
10.Secretary, Magistrate, Selectman, Justice, Judge of any Court of Law or Equity, Attorney, Advocate, Solicitor, Juryman, Sheriff, Constable, or other forms of civil service
11.Founder or Trustee of any College in North America founded prior to 1775
12.Minister of the Gospel or Commissary of the Bishops of London (Proof must be submitted that the ministry was entered prior to July 4, 1776.)
13.Member of the Committee of Safety of the Continental Congress, 1774 and 1775
14.Member of the Council of Safety of 1689
15.Signer of the Mayflower Compact
16.Speaker of the House of Deputies
17.Physician or Surgeon (Proof must establish ancestor as practicing prior to July 4, 1776.)
18.Member of the Provincial Congress
19.Signer of the Declaration of Independence (Proof must establish that the signer was elected to represent the colonists prior to July 4, 1776.)
20.Huguenot Refugee
21.Signer of the Oath of Allegiance to Great Britain (The Oath of Allegiance was taken by the Freemen in New England, the Dutch in New Amsterdam, the Swedes in Delaware, and other early settlers. Proof must be submitted that the oath was taken prior to July 4, 1776.)
22.Original Land Owner, not inheritor (Proof must establish that the ancestor received the land through a grant or patent, or from the Indians; that he was actually the first colonial owner of the specified tract of land; and that he did not buy it or inherit it.)
23.Member of the London, Plymouth or Virginia Companies who actually came to the colonies, or the first immigrant descendant of any member of these companies who resided in the colonies
24.Palatine Settler
25.Descendant of Covenanter from Scotland
26.Salzburger of Georgia